Craftivism in America’s Political and Cultural Divide

As we enter the last quarter of 2020, we can honestly say this year has been anything but normal. Next month, millions of people will go to the polls and vote on who will lead our country into the future and during these uncertain times. As a company, we have also been on a journey over the course of a year and a half. We have created a platform/space for the crafting community to engage in our current election and social justice issues. Here it is: Rebel with a Cause Media. We know that activism and crafting have worked hand-in-hand over many centuries. We are well aware of the impact that craftivism can have in our country and around the world.

When we take a look back four years ago, the grassroots effort to mobilize millions of crafters around the world to make pink hats, created the Pussy Hat Movement and the symbol for the Women’s March. Again, in 2020 we are creating purple bandanas to call to action American citizens to vote through the emPower People Project. Just like many other grassroots movements and projects, it is our hope that Rebel with a Cause Media brings together crafters from around the world to have meaningful interactions with each other on politics and social justice issues affecting our communities.

As a black woman, I am aware of the constant mobilizing and organizing BIPOC (Black, Indiegous, People of Colors) to do over many decades for social and racial equality, this platform is no different. One of the main reasons I also created this platform was to give space for BIPOC crafters to share and discuss our experiences. On this site, you are able to create your own profile page and connect with friends to have conversations about politics and social justice issues. This space is made for these types of discussions. You are also able to join in group forums on a variety of issues. Furthermore, I have interviewed people in this industry to have open and honest conversations around diversity and politics. Please join in the conversation.

We believe that it is the people of this country and many countries around the world that will make a difference in the lives of others. We elected people to represent our interest in government. We must remember that our vote and our actions are more powerful. When elected officials do not take the interest of the people in mind, we have the power to not only use our voice to mobilize but also our vote to elect.



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